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Whether you're a residential, commercial or industrial electrical contractor, your needs for electrical supplies are constant. Does this sound like you:

  • You have frequent and varying electrical supplies needs.
  • You typically have short notice for your needs.
  • Your local electrical distributor has higher prices than you'd like to pay.
  • Your local distributor seldom has all of the items you need or enough quantity in stock.
  • Your distributor has limited hours – and normally makes you wait for mediocre counter service.

If this sounds like your experiences in buying electrical supplies, you're not alone. Many electrical contractors today have faced this problem.

Break free of the frustration caused by you local electrical distributor. Experience a new era in buying electrical supplies. Take advantage of the power of the Internet and expedited delivery to buy the materials you need when you need them -- for less.

An online electrical distributor can provide you…

  • Lower prices
  • Wider variety
  • Extensive in-stock inventory with real-time stock quantities
  • Unbeatable deals in surplus inventory
  • Fast and efficient online ordering with shipment tracking
  • Online account administration making bill payment and processing faster and easier
  • To-your-door fast expedited delivery

Save time, money, and frustration, and get the electrical supplies you need, when you need them, with an online wholesale distributor.

Elliott Electric Supply is a premier online electrical distributor and a pioneer in the industry. With over 800 employees and 100 locations in the southern US, Elliott Electric is the leader in wholesale electrical supplies.

From arrestors to wireduct – from bulbs to fixtures -- we've got your electrical needs covered. With great pricing, expansive inventory, and fast expedited delivery, you'll find no better source for your wholesale needs than Elliott Electric Supply -- Shop online today!

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