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Light Fixtures

Buy Light fixtures and lighting parts at wholesale prices.

Light fixtures are electrical devices that provide illumination. Fixtures are classified by bulb types, functions, and application; they can vary greatly in size and shape. Knowing the energy efficiency and what type of lighting fixture you're buying can result in better lighting and a lower energy bill!

Use this guide to find basic light fixtures and parts at wholesale prices! To purchase chandeliers, pendant lights, ceiling fans, or other preassembled and decorative lighting fixtures, see additional products in our EES Lighting Showroom. For wiring devices and lighting accessories, visit our control switches and dimmers guide. For more information on the purchase of light bulbs or lamps, visit our Complete Light Bulb and Lamp Buying Guide.

For all types of projects, Elliott Electric Supply has specialized lighting inventory to meet your needs!

Lighting Fixtures by Location in Your Home

In this section, we will discuss the location of lights and what fixtures best work for those locations, including goods sold by Elliott Electric Supply.

Ceiling Lights

High Bay Light

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A High Bay Light is used in spaces with ceilings higher than 20ft from the floor and 40ft around. These are typically used in industrial and some commercial spaces.

Recessed Troffer Light Fixture

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This is the most common lighting for academic spaces. Troffer lights are rectangular or square fixtures that fit into a modular dropped ceiling, often described as ″recessed″. They provide light in a downward, wide beam.


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Chandeliers are a decorative lighting fixture that hang from the ceiling and has branches for light bulbs. These typically go above a dining room table or at the entrance of a home.


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As the name suggests, these shine in a downward direction to light an area. Downlights are typically used for creating zones, navigating spaces, and highlighting key art pieces.

Track Lighting

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Track lighting is a method of lighting where track light fixtures are on a continuous track or rail which contains electrical conductors. This is different from typical fixtures, which directly route electrical wiring to individual light positions.

Pendant Light

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A pendant light, sometimes called a drop or suspender, is a single light fixture that hangs from the ceiling suspended by cord, chain, or metal. Pendant lights are often used in multiples, with a straight line of multiple pendants hung over a kitchen countertop or above a dining room table.

Wall Lights

Emergency Lights

LED combination exit/emergency light fixture with thermoplastic protection

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Emergency lights work like a typical bulb, except they will stay on once the power shuts down. Emergency lights can last two to upwards of eight hours. Due to their long lasting nature post power outage, these are often used in hospitals and other essential locations.

Vanity Bathroom Light

Silver three-light bathroom vanity light fixture

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Vanity lights are typically bathroom mirror lights; they bring task lighting to the space around your vanity and should light your face.

Swing Arm Lights

One light wall sconce fixture with two points of adjustment and 180 degrees of motion

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Swing arm lamps look as they sound: wall-mounted lights that can swing left or right via a hinge. These are common in hotel rooms. Adjust the illumination of a specific room with a swing arm light.

Undercabinet Light

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As the name suggests, undercabinet lights go underneath kitchen, warehouse, or any kind of cabinet to illuminate a dark space. These can come in different shapes and sizes according to what best fits under your cabinets.

LED Tape Lights

Flexible LED tape light easy installation

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LED tape lights are a simple and affective way to add accent lights in small spaces such as shelves and under cabinets. Tape lights are easy to install and can leave little to no damage when being removed.

Bar Lights

Duo LED Bar Light Backlighting

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Bar lights are elongated fixtures that work as an accent light or directional light source. These fixtures can connect to one another and be used in a variety of locations, including vehicles as an emergency light.

Wall Sconces

One-Light Wall Sconce With Tea Stained Oversized, Bell-Shaped Glass Bowl

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Sconces, also referred to as wall torchieres, are an old form of fixtures, historically used with candles. Now, they act as decorative lighting fixed to a wall with light, typically, illuminating upwards.

Outdoor Lights

Flood Lights

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Floodlights refer to a light fixture that will “flood” an area with a wide beam of light. These are specifically designed for outdoor use and typically come as LED. With a motion sensor, these can act as security lights for your home.

Wall Flush Mount Light

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With the same purpose of a wall mount light, a wall flush mount light differs only by installation. As opposed to hanging off a mount, the light is flush against a wall.

Post/Pier Head Light

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A post or pier head light typically sits at the top a vertical pole. Typically, these are used to illuminate a walkway or outdoor seating area. They produce low, ambient lighting perfect for outside use.

Well Lights

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Well lights are hidden lighting fixtures installed in the ground with the purpose of providing up-lighting. These highlight architectural elements like trees, plants, and fountains.

Spot Light

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A spot light casts a tapered beam of light, usually no wider than 45 degrees. This beam is concentrated and easy to point and control. Although used similarly, this is in contrast to a floodlight which can have a beam width of up to 120 degrees.

Wall Mount Light

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A wall mount light refers to fixtures fitted on the exterior of a location, typically used as a guiding light. The bulb on a wall mount is covered by glass, which is different from a sconces light, though the two have similar purposes.

Post and Bollard Lights

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A post or bollard light is a fixture enclosed in a vertical post at ground level. These are commonly used to light walkways and driveways.

Deck and Patio Lights

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As the name suggests, deck and patio lights are made to illuminate these outdoor spaces. Though they can come in many shapes and sizes, such as a string of fairy lights on a covered patio, Elliott Electric offers recessed deck and patio lights. These are embedded into your wood.

Step Light

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Step lights aid in illuminating elevated walkways. These will ensure no step is missed and accidents don't occur. Though sold as an outdoor lighting option from Elliott Electric, step lights can also be used indoors.

Outdoor Wall Sconce

Outdoor wall sconce light fixture

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An outdoor wall sconces is decorative, outdoor, wall-mounted light with a single lamp bulb.

Solar Light

Outdoor LED solar light fixture floodlight

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LED Solar lights are powered by the sun, not electrical wiring. This makes the environmentally-friendly LED bulbs even more so. The most common uses for a solar LED light is as street lamps, flood lights, or yard lights.

Lighting Fixtures by Bulb Types

Elliott Electric Supply offers an array of lighting fixtures, which can be located on Different lighting fixtures may require different lightbulbs. Many light fixtures have specific lighting applications and uses, but can use any bulb type. However, some light bulbs work better for particular lighting fixtures.

This section discusses the four most-common light bulb types, how they rate in efficiency, and their fixture options from

LED Lighting Fixtures and Lighting Parts

LED light fixtures use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as semiconductor devices and use 75% less energy (when compared to traditional lighting). LEDs are available in multiple shapes, shades, and controllability. They are made without hazardous materials, have an average life of 9-22 years, and feature exceptional efficiency, lifespan, and versatility. Great for emergency lighting applications, LEDs are the most eco-friendly lamps available.

LED Light Fixtures Available at Elliott Electric Supply

Fluorescent Light Fixtures and Lighting Parts

Elliott Electric offers many popular options of fluorescent light fixtures. Fluorescent light fixtures use fluorescent tubes, which are more energy-efficient than halogen and incandescent lamps. They consume less energy and produce very little heat, making them a great option for indoor lighting. Fluorescents deliver concentrated, bright light for laundry and utility rooms, as well as commercial and industrial spaces. Available in black and colored lights for personalized spatial design, these bulbs can last up to 20K hours.

Fluorescent light fixtures must be accompanied by a light ballast. A light ballast, or electrical ballast, is a device that regulates the current flow through a light. Fluorescent lamps must use ballasts to stop uncontrolled current flow so as to prevent self-destruction. Elliott Electric Supply offers both fluorescent ballasts and fluorescent tube lights.

Spiral compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs are bright enough to use in hospitals, retail stores, and schools. They are spiral-shaped and need a ballast to be integrated for use. In contrast, a linear fluorescent tube light has an integrated ballast, has connectors on both ends, and is tubular in shape. These have multiple uses and can be used for commercial or residential needs.

Fluorescent Light Fixtures Available at Elliott Electric Supply

HID Light Fixtures and Lighting Parts

High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights are ideal for large areas where more visible light and energy efficiency are desired. By using an electric current to activate noble gases inside the bulb, HID light fixtures illuminate with reflectors to yield greater light-output. Typically found in large indoor or outdoor areas like gymnasiums, warehouses, roadways, and parking lots, HID light fixtures have multiple subtypes depending on the desired light intensity, color, and energy efficiency. The three subtypes of HID lightbulbs sold by Elliott Electric Supply are mercury vapor, high pressure sodium, and metal halide.

Mercury Vapor HID Fixture

A mercury vapor HID fixture lamp has a lifespan of about 24K hours of high-intensity illumination; they come in a range of colors including ultraviolet/violet, blue, green, and yellow. Mercury-vapor light fixtures are most commonly used in warehouses or as streetlights.

High Pressure Sodium Light Fixture

High pressure sodium (HPS) light fixtures are used in outdoor lighting, like roadways and parking lots, or for indoor gardens with a lamp lifespan of about 24K hours; they illuminate first as a pink light then shift to orange.

Metal Halide Light Fixture

Metal halide light fixtures produce bright-white illumination; their lamp lifespan ranges from 6K to 15K hours. They are found most-often in car headlights or stage lighting, although they are also used in overhead lighting for open, indoor areas such as factories or retail stores.

HID Ballasts and Accessories

All HID light fixtures require a light ballast, or electrical ballast, which is a device that regulates the current flowing through a bulb and ensures a fixture starts and operates properly.

LED HID Replacements

Because LED lights have a very long lifespan and can be made as bright as some HID bulbs, HID bulbs/lamps are sometimes replaced with an equivalent LED replacement bulb or lamp. To use an LED HID replacement lamp in an HID light fixture, consult a licensed electrician to replace the HID ballast with an LED driver. LED HID light fixtures are also available and are intended to replace the entire HID light fixture. See Operating Costs for LED HID Replacement Bulbs Compared to HID Mercury Vapor, Metal Halide, and High Pressure Sodium Bulbs for detailed cost comparison charts.

HID Light Fixtures Available at Elliott Electric Supply

Halogen Light Fixtures and Lighting Parts

Halogen light fixtures use halogen light bulbs, which are more energy-efficient than incandescent light bulbs. Halogen light fixtures are commonly used as work lights. Although halogen bulbs are more affordable than fluorescent and LED lights, they radiate a greater level of heat and have a lifespan of only 1-2 years. Their filament allows these bulbs to operate at higher temperatures than an incandescent lamp of similar power and operating life. Halogen lamps can also be used similarly to a conventional lamp, but their compact size is ideal for optical systems like projectors and illumination.

Halogen Light Fixtures Available at Elliott Electric Supply

Incandescent Light Fixtures and Lighting Parts

Incandescent light fixtures use the cheapest light bulb (incandescent), but due to energy and environmental concerns, the manufacturing of incandescent bulbs will be federally-prohibited after February 2023. Formerly the most common type of light, incandescent bulbs produce light by heating a filament wire with electricity until it glows inside of its glass bulb. They radiate the most heat and are the least energy-efficient (with an average lifespan of 1–2 years), but their iconic shapes can lead to opportunities for up-cycle and craft projects. Elliott Electric Supply currently offers a variety of the three most popular types: hanging lantern, a-line bulbs, and close-to-ceiling (flush mount) lights.

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