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See how Elliott Electric Supply can reduce your wire pulling installation time up to 90%!* Saving Approximately 24 man hours at $75/hour means a $1800 savings over a traditional wire pull installation!

Elliott Services vs. Traditional Installation

Elliott Service: Southwire's® SIMpull® Solution

— (requires 3 people)

STEP 1 (60 man–minutes): One reel of SIMpull THHN® cable with 5 parallel color conductors arrive at job site, unload, transport to pull site, level reels on jacks

STEP 2 (30 man–minutes): Pull rope and rag through conduit

STEP 3 (3 man–minutes): Attach SIMpull Head™ pulling "grips" to pull rope

STEP 4 (6 man–minutes): Set up lightweight Maxis® tugger

STEP 5 (60 man–minutes): Start pull, pulling speed average 12 feet per minute

Total: 159 man–minutes

Traditional Wire Pulling Installation

— (requires 6 people)

STEP 1 (420 man–minutes): 4 X 250 black conductors with ground arrive at the job site, transport to pull site, level reels on jacks

STEP 2 (60 man–minutes): Transport lube bucket and rags to pull site

STEP 3 (3 man–minutes): Phase tape and check circuits

STEP 4 (60 man–minutes): Pull rope and rag through conduit

STEP 5 (300 man–minutes): Make up conductor head and attach to pull rope

STEP 6 (180 man–minutes): Set up tugger

STEP 7 (180 man–minutes): Set up to apply lube to head, at start of pull, and at pull boxes

STEP 8 (240 man–minutes): Start pull, apply lube at 2 locations, pulling speed 6 feet per minute

STEP 9 (90 man–minutes): Clean lube off conductors and enclosure

Total: 1650 man-minutes

Pulling Heads Installation

Time Saved

1650 man–minutes (for traditional installation) – 159 man–minutes (for Elliott services)
 = 1491 saved man–minutes

1491 man–minutes / 60 = 24.85 saved man–hours

Below are some of our wire services. Ask for pricing and details.

Custom Wire Cutting

Wire Cutting

Hauling around more wire than you need can waste space and increase fuel consumption. For a small fee, Elliott Electric Supply can cut your wire to your specified foot length, so you can have what's required for your job while reclaiming precious space and reducing costs.

Paralleling Wire at Elliott Electric Supply

Wire Paralleling

Elliott Electric Supply can help get your job done quicker with paralleled reels. If your job requires multiple conductors going through the same space, why not have them put on a reel together? This small step can save time, labor, costs, headaches, and sometimes, sanity.

Pulling Heads Installation

Pulling Heads Installation

Installing pulling heads takes significant time away from other labor needs and can be frustrating when not done correctly. Let a professional help from Elliott Electric Supply. Our employees have been trained on proper installation techniques, so you can rely on our pulling heads performing as required.

SimPull Real Rentals

SimPull Reel Rental

Are you struggling with unwinding wire from a stationary reel? Elliott Electric Supply offers SimPull Reel Rentals so you can unroll your wire with ease.

Trailer, Truck, and A-Frame Rentals

Trailer/Truck and A-Frame Rentals

If you don't have the means (or don't want) to lug reels to your jobsite, you can rent a loaded trailer or truck for a few hours from Elliott Electric Supply. You can pull wire right from the trailer, expediting your pulls. Just let us know when you're done, and we'll clear it out. We can also rent A-frames, where you'll load it on the frame for you, so you can just drop the whole thing on the job site, and you're ready to go!

® Southwire, SIMpull THHN, SIMpull Head and Maxis are registered names of Southwire Company.

*Time saving comparison data from Southwire.com

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