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Automated Inventory Management with Elliott Electric Supply

Automated Inventory Management

Automating your inventory maintenance and billing over secured networks brings many benefits to you and your company. Our software team has developed a powerful, fully-customizable system called Automated Inventory Management (AIM). More about AIM

We also offer options for EDI, commercial XML and more. We can integrate our services and data seamlessly with popular e-Procurement, PunchOut, & supplier exchange services. Read more about e-Procurement

Integration with Existing Systems made easy by Elliott Electric Supply

Integration with Existing Systems

If you've found a 3rd-party system that you like, whether it's for price estimation, bidding, or a complete procurement system, we are happy to integrate our eCommerce services with your current capabilities. Our Price Files are compatible with nearly all pricers & related estimating software. Likewise, we support B2B systems like SuccessWare21, the Oracle Supplier Network, Ariba, Oildex, and others. Read more about Integration

Notification Services by Elliott Electric Supply

Notification Services

With our Notifications service, you can find out immediately when an order is shipped, the next delivery stop, delivered, or ready for pickup (will-call). To opt-in to receive text message Notifications from Elliott Electric Supply, simply text "ELLIOTT" to "81411." (Please note, your carrier's standard text messaging rates will apply.)  Read about the full line of Notifications options.

Advance Shipping Notices from Elliott Electric Supply

Advance Shipping Notices

In addition to SMS text-messaging notifications, we can also send you Advance Shipping Notices (ASN), emailed in PDF format or sent via EDI, letting you know anytime a shipment is about to go out. You can also receive notifications through our Mobile App (iOS & Android). We are currently expanding our notification services, so let us know what you'd like to see. You can call us toll-free at 888-569-7181.

Easy to Purchase from ElliottElectric.com

Easy to Purchase

We accept Cash, Check, Visa, Discover, American Express, and MasterCard at all points of purchase. We give you the option to open an Elliott Electric Supply charge account for maximum convenience. Likewise, you are welcome to maintain multiple Job Accounts (Sub-Accounts), with specific Quotations and Job-Site Inventory solutions available for each job.

Real-time Inventory & Account Data with Elliott Electric Supply

Real-time Inventory & Account Data

All of your account balances and order details are available in real-time, online or on location. Our system gives you powerful, continuous insight into all of your business with Elliott Electric Supply.

Advanced Security Compliance from Elliott Electric Supply

Advanced Security Compliance

We are 100% PCI Compliant and handle your data with the highest security standards, in person and online. Our web system employs TrustWave and DigiCert security authentication, and we also offer unique in-person security services, like purchasing PIN numbers, enforcing authorization via a valid PO or Reference Number, as well as any customized need you may have.

EDI services from Elliott Electric Supply


Electronic data interchange (EDI) is a widely used method for transferring data between different computer systems or networks. Useful for businesses of all sizes, especially large operations, automation via EDI improves your workflow with instant invoicing, purchase orders, acknowledgements, notifications for PO & shipment status, and more.

Options for EDI Delivery:

  • AS2 (preferred method) is a direct communication protocol that we use to establish direct connections with our customers for sending and receiving EDI documents.
  • VAN (value added network) – When AS2 is not available, we can use IDEA, a VAN that acts as a regional post office for EDI. It receives transactions, examines the 'From' and 'To' information, and routes the transaction between you and Elliott Electric Supply.

  • We also interface with a number of different Supplier Networks, third party companies that process documents (see the list below). Some of these include OpenInvoice (formerly Oildex), Tungsten, OSN (Oracle Supplier Network), Ariba, and Vantage.
Incoming EDI Documents:
  • 810 – Customer Invoices
  • 811 - Consolidated Service Invoice/Statement
  • 845 - Price Authorization Acknowledgement/Status
  • 849 - Response to Product Transfer Account Adjustment
  • 850 – Purchase Orders
  • 855 – PO Acknowledgement
  • 856 – Advance Shipping Notice
  • 860 – PO Change Request (Buyer-Initiated)
Outgoing EDI Documents:
  • 810 – Customer Invoices
  • 820 - Payment Order/Remittance Advice
  • 844 - Product Transfer Account Adjustment
  • 850 – Purchase Orders
  • 855 – PO Acknowledgement
  • 856 – Advance Shipping Notice
  • 867 - POS/POT Report

Please email us or call us toll-free at 1-888-569-7181 to start using EDI or a similar service today.

AIM - Automated Inventory Management from Elliott Electric Supply

AIM - Automated Inventory Management

We've developed our own, all-in-one procurement system called AIM, which integrates and works directly with your storage facilities and stocked vehicles. AIM tracks live data across multiple inventory sites to automate your procurement / replenishment process.

AIM's web-based interface on ElliottElectric.com works seamlessly with the AIM software installed on your mobile devices. Compatible devices include Android tablets as well as Symbol wands, like Motorola's MC65 and MC67. AIM includes the following features:

  • Track your live inventory levels, with streamlined replenishment options.
  • Track multiple inventories and areas if, for example, you maintain stocked vehicles or multiple warehouses / branches.
  • Set order points and order quantities on each inventory item so the system knows when it's time to replenish your supplies.
  • Automatically place orders to Elliott Electric Supply when an item's stock quantity drops below your chosen order point. The system lets you review and approve before orders are placed.
  • When AIM is installed, your mobile devices (like the MC65 and Android tablets) automatically communicate and work with our web-based system here on ElliottElectric.com.
Project Storage Options provided by Elliott Electric Supply

Projects with Stored Materials

When you store and stage your material with us, you have complete oversight via ElliottElectric.com, compatible with any device. Per your instructions, we'll strategically organize your pallets to match the phases of your project, with everything carefully labeled, palletized, and all kits assembled and ready to go. Using our website, you can easily request shipments to your jobsite, or set up a shipment schedule. Run instant audit or recap reports on your inventory, get item-by-item order status, and much more. Read more about our capabilities for Projects with Stored Material.

Automated Purchase Orders with Elliott Electric Supply

Automated Purchase Orders

We are happy to receive your purchase orders electronically in cXML format for fast, automated processing. Just send the XML file to epo@elliottelectric.com and we will process the file, create an order, and send you an acknowledgement message, with further options for status & shipment tracking.


In addition to AIM, our own in-house system, we are also committed to supporting ALL of the most prominent business-to-business (B2B) service formats for e-Procurement (commonly called "PunchOut," "supplier exchange," or "procure-to-pay" software), including systems like Oracle, Oildex, Cortex, Ariba, GEP, B-PACK, Ivalua, and others.

For some of the 3rd-party services that we currently support, please see below.

Ariba coordination, Elliott Electric Supply


Ariba is an SAP company that offers a cloud-based business community called the Ariba Network, which allows its users to buy, sell, and manage cash and transaction data. We can send your invoices to you through the Ariba Network, with more advanced features coming soon.

Oildex coordination, Elliott Electric Supply


Oildex offers cloud-based services designed specifically for the oil & gas industry. We can send your invoices to you through the Oildex system, with more advanced features coming soon.

OSN - Oracle Supplier Network coordination, Elliott Electric Supply

OSN - Oracle Supplier Network

A service of Material Management Software Inc., Power Purchase allows you to generate quotes, manage your purchase orders and more. Through the Power Purchase system, we can send you Purchase Order Acknowledgements as well as invoices, with more compatibility upon request.

Power Purchase coordination, Elliott Electric Supply

Power Purchase

The Oracle Supplier Network (OSN) is a secure online service that automates any exchange between buyers and suppliers. Through Oracle, we currently accept Purchase Orders and can send your invoices to you, with more advanced compatibility coming soon.

SuccessWare21 coordination, Elliott Electric Supply


Our eCommerce services are compatible with SuccessWare21, a business management solution for residential service companies. Like similar services, SuccessWare21 has a built in eOrders system that allows you to submit orders in XML format (sent via email). We have the ability to receive and process these orders. If you use SuccessWare21, or a similar XML-based system, simply have your orders sent to epo@elliottelectric.com and we'll handle the rest.

The Tungsten Network coordination, Elliott Electric Supply

The Tungsten Network

Tungsten Network is a global electronic invoicing firm that integrates with Suppliers’ accounting systems, or offers the option of an online web portal, through which Suppliers submit their invoices and related data. Elliott Electric Supply can send outbound invoices to you through Tungsten.

The Vantage Group coordination, Elliott Electric Supply

The Vantage Group

Using the Vantage Group system, we can handle purchase orders and send you invoices. Vantage Group also supports many other types of transactions.

Order/Ticket Notifications at Elliott Electric Supply

Order/Ticket Notifications

Find out immediately when an order is shipped, delivered, or ready for pickup (will-call). To opt-in to receive Notifications via text message from Elliott Electric Supply, simply text "ELLIOTT" to "81411." (Please note, your carrier's standard text messaging rates will apply.)

Once you've opted in for text notifications, whenever you place an order you can tell your sales person what type of notifications you want to receive—for example: a text when your order leaves our warehouse, a text when our truck delivers your order, or a text when your order is ready for pickup (will-call).

Customizing Notifications:

Our Mobile App offers additional options. You can choose what types of notifications you receive when specific events, like status changes, occur for orders.

Notifications can be sent to you using any of the following methods:

  • Text message
  • Email
  • Fax
  • Notification via the Elliott Electric Supply iPhone/Android App

We can notify you for the following events:

  • PO Acknowledgement
  • Advance Shipping Notice (when your order is about to ship)
  • Delivery Alerts (when your order is delivered; plus, in metro areas, when your delivery is our next stop)
  • New Invoices
Advance Shipping Notices from Elliott Electric Supply

Advance Shipping Notices

We send advance shipping notices through EDI, or via email in PDF format, when an order is about to be shipped. Additional types of notifications, including real-time delivery alerts and more, are coming soon.

In addition to Advance Shipping Notices, you can use the recent orders page on ElliottElectric.com to check order status and drill-down into the shipment(s) for each order. As certain orders will have multiple shipments, our system lets you see which items are on each individual shipment, each shipment's status, and tracking number. Similar information is also available for non-shipped orders (like pick-ups, etc.), giving you the place, time, and method by which your materials left our facilities. For many areas, we even offer GPS tracking on our trucks, so you can know exactly when & where your stuff is!

In-Store Pickup Orders at Elliott Electric Supply

In-Store Pickup Orders

You can pick up your orders at any of our convenient locations (at no additional cost). We offer a range of ways to pickup your order in store, shown below. Specific pickup options vary by location.

Will-Call Express at Elliott Electric Supply

Will-Call Express

We've made traditional will-call pickups more convenient than ever. Order your items however you like, by phone, online, or in person. We'll let you know when your items are ready for pickup. You can then come to Will-Call at your convenience. Pull up, confirm your purchase, and go! Some locations even offer a dedicated Will-Call Express loading bay for a faster load-and-go!

Will-Call Curbside Pickup at Elliott Electric Supply

Will-Call Curbside

Our 100% contactless option for paying and picking up your orders, Will Call Curbside uses our mobile app. When you arrive for a Will-Call Curbside pickup, simply park at the Will Call Center and let us know you've arrived. Our app enables you to confirm orders, input security PINs, and pay with your mobile devices. We hand-deliver your materials to your vehicle and can load them for you.

Will-Call Counter Pickup at Elliott Electric Supply

Pickup at the Sales Counter

You can also pick up your orders at the sales counter inside any Elliott Electric Supply location. This option is perfect if you think you might need to add more items to your order when you arrive.

Pro tip: Grab some complimentary refreshments before you go!

ADirect Email for Invoices & Statements from Elliott Electric Supply

Direct Email for Invoices & Statements

We support a wide variety of direct email options for your statements and invoicing (as well as FTP and traditional fax & mail). All email capabilities, such as those for invoices or monthly statements, can be configured through the website (Login > Account > Settings).

Flexible options for emailed invoices – What, How, and When:

Email Delivery Options (How):

  • Each invoice is sent in a separate email.
  • One email with individual attachments for each invoice.
  • One email with all invoices in one document.

Frequency Options (When):

  • Immediate
  • Daily
  • Weekly

Available Formats (What):

  • PDF
  • TIF
  • HTML
  • CSV (spreadsheet)
  • XML

Invoices sent via FTP:

In addition to the above options for invoicing, we also have the ability to use FTP (file transfer protocol) to send electronic invoices to you. This delivery option requires an FTP server on your end to allow us to transfer data to you.

Earn Reward Dollars with electronic invoicing at Elliott Electric Supply

Earn Reward$

Elliott Reward Dollars are essentially cash in your pocket! To earn Elliott Reward$, all you have to do is elect to receive your invoices exclusively through email. Then, you'll earn a reward of $0.10 for each and every invoice on your account. As you earn them, you can either apply the reward dollars to your account balance, or redeem the money in the form of widely accepted MasterCard gift cards. Lean More

Summary Billing from Elliott Electric Supply

Summary Billing

For your convenience, we can consolidate all of your billing activity for each month in a single, summarized report. Or, if you prefer weekly bill summaries, we can do that too. You'll receive a separate summary statement (by mail and/or email) for each of your individual job accounts (or, Sub-Accounts). Summary billing statements are sent at the end of the month (emailed in PDF format). Logged in to your account, you can set up your Summary Billing options right here on our website (Login > Account > Settings > Statement Preferences).

Direct Price Files from Elliott Electric Supply

Direct Price Files

Our price files offer great flexibility and can be customized directly from ElliottElectric.com. You can base your price files on different items sets (like items stored in Your Inventory, items from all your orders during the past 12 months, discounted items only, or one of several other options, detailed below).

On top of this, you can customize the price file layout, choosing what sort of product data appears in the price file. If you use a separate pricing service, we'll send price files to a third party at your request.

Include any of the following on Price Files:
  • Customer Inventory — you can set up Your Inventory on ElliottElectric.com and choose to receive pricing for only these items.
  • Sales History — this item list is built according to the items you purchased in the past 12 months.
  • Customer Discounts — this list is built based on the items for which you have discounts.
  • All Inventory — the entire list of all items loaded on the Elliott Electric Supply system.
  • All Permanent Items — all items considered normal stock items in at least one of our locations.
  • Customer Part Numbers — all items for which you’ve loaded your own part numbers.

Available file types for Price Files:
  • Fixed Width — each field fits within a reserved amount of space in the file.
  • Excel — a spreadsheet (.xls) document with your pricing information.
  • Delimited — we can create a text file delimited with any character (Comma, Tab, Pipe, etc.).

Custom Templates for Price Files

We can build your file based on any combination of the following fields, in any order that you like:

  • UPC
  • Catalog #
  • Vendor Code
  • Description
  • Customer Part Number
  • Price
  • Weight
  • Product Type
  • Unit Code
  • Commodity Code
  • Book Price
  • Trade Price
  • Carton Quantity
  • Standard Package
  • Current Date
  • Manufacturer Name
  • Manufacturer Part Number
Third-Party Pricer Support at Elliott Electric Supply

Third-Party Pricer Support

We can send Price Files to any 3rd-party pricing services that you may use. We currently support:

  • NetPricer
  • Supplier Xchange
  • TurboBid
  • Vision InfoSoft
Texas BuyBoard Member, Elliott Electric Supply

Texas BuyBoard Member

As of April 2014, we are an officially contracted member of the Texas BuyBoard cooperative, which means if you're working on certain state, municipal, educational, or non-profit facilities in Texas, which require bidding and supply through BuyBoard, then Elliott Electric Supply is ready to earn your business! By participating in the BuyBoard system we are happy to extend our various eCommerce services to all BuyBoard customers.

Please let us know if there's anything we can do to earn your business.