What Size Generator Do I Need to Power Common Appliances?

Find out how much power you need from your generator system to run common appliances.

Appliances That Can Be Powered* Generator Kilowatts
8 kW 14 kW 17 kW 20 kW
Furnace Fan
Four 100W Lamps
Water Pump
Sump Pump
Color Television
Coffee Maker
Hair Dryer
Clock Radio
Deep Freezer
Electric Range (1 element)  
Electric Blanket  
Attic Fan  
Garage Door Opener (1/4 HP)  
Security System  
Washing Machine  
Clothes Dryer  
Water Heater    
Vacuume Cleaner    
Whirlpool Bath    
Air Conditioner    
Office Lighting      
Copier and Fax Machine      
Telephone System      
Computer Network System      
Central Air Conditioner      
* This chart is for estimating purposes only. Calculations are based on estimates of average wattage in each appliance type. Some appliances may be substituted for others. Appliances may not be able to run simultaneously.

Warning: When using this information to perform electrical work, call a licensed electrician or consult the NEC® for safety. All licensed electricians have passed examinations covering the National Electric Code®, know state and local building codes, and may carry insurance to cover damages.